Dustball 500 was FUN!!

Written by Andrew
Tuesday, 30 June 2009 14:52

17 total DBR500 teams signed up.  One was a no show at sign-in.  Two cars were impounded the night before launch (stickers = more horsepower and racing skillz).  14 cars launched Saturday morning.  One team broke down outside Alamogordo and were towed back at around 3-4pm-ish.  All other teams survived completion:

1st Place Gimmick Rally - Saab 9-5 - Team Rocket Rabbit
2nd Place Gimmick Rally - Toyota Tacoma X-Runner - Team Seductive
3rd Place Gimmick Rally - Corvette Z06 - Team In Debt

Team Squirrel Catchers - Nissan Sentra Spec-V
Team Pi are Round, Cake are Square - Mustang GT500
Team Retro - Dodge Viper
Team Longstar - Merc AMG E55
Team New Mex Express - Mustang Cobra SVT
Team Luna Performance - Toyota Supra
Team Hazmatt - Mustang GT
Team Turbo Negros - VW R32
Team Underkode 1 - VW GTI
Team Underkode 2 - Mitsu Eclipse
Team Zoom-Zoom - Mazda 3


More pics can be found on our flickr account here more will be posted as they are submitted.

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