Fall Ghost Tour

Written by Andrew

What are you doing this Halloween season? Watching Ghost Adventures? Weak. Another late night of Ghost Hunters? Fake. Heading to the Redbox for Paranormal Activity? Lazy.

All this can be found in your OWN BACKYARD! Come fellow Deanslist drivers and lets take our own ghost driving adventure as we explore the mysteries of Highway 54 on our way to the Deanslist Ghost Hunt at Cloudcroft!

We will take a leisurely drive up Highway 54 to Cloudcroft via the spectacular tunnel and forest sunset drive to the most haunted place in Southern New Mexico, The Lodge at Cloudcroft.

We will be educated in the Paranormal Activity of the resident spirit of Rebecca while we tour and have dinner at The Lodge.

Guaranteed to be the most ghoulish ride for Deanslist! Join us on Friday, October 29th. Meet time at 5:30 pm at the El Paso Museum of Archaeology on 4301 Transmountain Rd. El Paso, Texas with a departure time at 6:00pm, if you dare!

Please RSVP (reply to this email) so we can make appropriate plans for the grounds tour and dinner reservations at the Lodge!

Rebecca was said to be a gorgeous red-haired chambermaid who worked and lived at the Lodge in the 1920's/30's. Similar to her fellow Lodge employees, she lived in the employee's rooms, which were located in the basement at the time. She was by all means a very friendly and flirtatious young lady, and unforgettably lovely. There was some rumor that Rebecca moonlighted as a prostitute, although no proof of this claim existed. Whatever the case, according to the story, Rebecca's jealous lumberjack boyfriend caught her in the arms of another man at the Lodge (possibly in Room 101, aka the Governor's Suite) and became enraged. Shortly after, Rebecca disappeared from the Lodge, never to be seen again. Well, not alive, anyway. Because soon after her disappearance. people began to report having some very strange, even ghostly, experiences...