Breakfast 'n Beer Tour

Written by Andrew


This will be the first of a few Breakfast and Beer tours which you won't want to miss. Due to the nature of these, and that most brewery tours are around 11am or noon, the drives will start early. If you can't make one, don't worry, we'll have others and each will start in a different part of the metroplex.

Breakfast & Beer Tour - Part 1 will start in McKinney, take a fun-paced loop to breakfast at the famous Bill Smith's Cafe, and then end at the Franconia Brewery for their tour which starts at 11am.
Stay tuned for more details, but expect an early start. Here are the basics.
Where: McKinney (begin and end)
When: Saturday, June 22. 8 or 8:30am to 1pm (final start time TBD)
(FRS two-way radios highly recommended for this drive)