DFW-Section Inaugural Tour

Written by Andrew

Deanslist.us is a driving club that organizes the annual Dustball Rally. Its goal is to promote a higher-learning of car control, spirited driving and camaraderie as a functional unit.

The Deanslist.us has some exciting changes coming this fall. We are officially opening a DFW-Section in support of spirited driving, camaraderie, and the Dustball Rally. The new section will be headed up by Brian George and Trent Landreth.

The first event is a spirited drive for future and previous Dustballers.  If you are reading this, you are invited. We will explore approximately 200 miles of fantastic North Texas roads within a short distance of the Metroplex. The drive will be deanslist ELP-Section format. It is not a follow the leader type of drive. Our starting point will be Reverchon Park just North of downtown Dallas with the end at Gerhard’s German Restaurant in Denton. This drive will include some all new never before seen roads on one of Brian’s drives. Plus a few fantastic previously included roads. For more information, please RSVP to Brian at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

During lunch, Brian and Trent will go over the new Deanslist.us section and how you can get involved and continue to participate in future events. You won’t want to miss the drive or these details.
Go Dustball and “No sniveling!”

The tour wil be on November 11. Meet at 9:45am and Launch at 10am . The map with route instructions is here.


Tour will be deanslist-format.