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Written by Bob Medley
Saturday, 09 August 2008 07:49

“A list of peers that have attained a high level of enthusiasm in motorsports.”

Since its birth, the automobile has evolved from a simple object of transportation to a complete way of life. Over the years, many varieties of competitive motorsports and the occasional spirited drive through the desert have divided automotive enthusiasts into hundreds of different types of cliques. Whether the division occurs between drag racers, autocrossers, model designations (such as the age-old rivalry between Porsche and Ferrari), or car shows and rallyists; the world of vehicular enjoyment has become just that, a world of it’s own.
DeansList.US is one of these hundreds of types of cliques, a world of its own, if you will, for Southwest area automotive enthusiasts. It is a venue for advertising events in the realm of touring, rallying, and the occasional social call. As the list grows, the clique will evolve, and grow into a more vastly capable unit. Displaying events that your common interest peers would be participating in, sharing common modes of motorsporting.

DeansList.US is also host to the greatest scavenger hunt in the United States, the Dustball Rally.

The Dustball Rally is a 1500 mile, 3-day 2-night adventure in which participants travel from point to point, in search of clues for their next destination. Usually, a specific group of enthusiasts, (regular deanslisters) are invited to partake in.

A number of slots are left open for others to join in, and test their nerves to see if this event is their cup of tea. If so, they are invited back for further events throughout the year. Although grueling at times, this has become the newest elite private club for automotive enjoyment in the southwest.

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