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its about the drive

Dustball Rally 500

Written by Andrew

This legendary event will live again on Saturday, June 27th 2009.It will be a single-day gimmick rally starting and finishing in El Paso, TX.

Full, detailed information is below, and you can register online or in person (call Andrew for details at 915.740.1203)   Online registration can be completed by: filling out the attached form (email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ), and paying online by clicking below.

Online payment for one team into the 2009 Dustball Rally 500

Online payment for official DeansList.US Members

 Download the Registration Form Here

Teams can also register in person every Wednesday night at Starbucks on Lee Trevino (in El Paso) from 8-10pm starting June 10th.

 Information regarding the 2009 DBR500:

On Friday, June 26th at Hot Rods and Wheels, 1510 Bengal Dr, there will be a sign-in and welcome party for Dustball Rally Teams to receive instructions for the following day. There will be display parking for all Dustball vehicles, and Dustballers are encouraged to mingle inside for a meet and greet welcome party.  Spectators are welcome to join the party and check out the cars that are entered.

On Saturday, June 27th, The Dustball Rally 500 ensues, in which a mass variety of Dustball vehicles will embark on a 500-mile adventure. Vehicles will be launched at one-minute intervals, from lowest horsepower to highest horsepower rated vehicles. 30 seconds prior to launch, each team will be issued a mission pack, which contains everything you need to complete the rally.

This particular Rally is a Gimmick Rally in which you will be given a set of clues to figure out your next direction, and answer test questions successfully.  The gimmicks will be found along a designated 500 mile route.

Once Dustballers begin to complete the final miles of their trek, they will cross the finish line in which their completed test will be collected. Display parking is once again available, and Dustballers are encouraged to mingle at the finish line location (location is described in Rally Instructions).


You have Questions, we have answers:

-How do I sign up? Three things must be completed: Registration form, signed Terms and Conditions, and full payment. These are downloadable on the Dustball Rally official website: www.dustballrally.com, or a representative will bring the required forms and come to your residence or place of business to assist you in filling out your forms and accept payment. Checks may be made out to Dustball Rally

-What cars are invited? Anything legally drivable on the road.


-Is this a race? No. This event is being held on public highways during normal operating times.


-Will we be timed? No. Any driving event that is timed is considered to be a race event in most states.

-When is it? June 25, 26 (fri night and sat day) it will be a single day drive

-Who can join? Anyone at least 18 yrs of age, valid DL, no experience necessary

-Are there any dirt roads involved? No, the route is all paved, and 75% back-roads

-Where does it go? The route is secret and undisclosed

-What can I win? 
There will be Trophies for the first, second and third place winners.


-Where does it start? Location disclosed only to Dustballers at the sign-in welcome party

-Where does it end? Location disclosed only to Dustballers in mission packs on Rally day

-How much? $40 per team

-What does my $40 pay for? Stickers, rally setup and cost of trophies.

-Can I have more passengers? Yes, a maximum of two more

-How do I get my Stickers? Stickers will be issued the night before at the check-in.

-Will the stickers harm my paint/glass? Only if they are left on for over two years, as a Dustball rally entrant, you are required to wear the decals from the time of receipt until after the rally

-How long would the 500 mile course take? It should take an average team between 10-13 hours to complete.

-Why 500 miles? Anything more would be considered an endurance event, which is prohibited by law in some states.

-Are there different vehicle classes? No, all vehicles are in the same class, even if they are equipped with GPS systems or other rally equipment.

-Why are the lowest horsepower vehicles being launched first? We know the valued experience it is to pass and be passed, and launching some of the slower cars first makes for a more interesting and visually appealing site in the towns you will be passing through.

Please direct any other questions to:
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it