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its about the drive

Alignment at Martin Tire Co. = Disaster

Written by Andrew
Wednesday, 15 April 2009 20:01

You know, when somebody says they are going to take care of you, I guess I am the fool that believes it...but when it is a reputable company, one would think that you could believe it.  I told myself I wouldn't post this up or tell anyone about it, but I have been put through so much bullsh!t regarding this that I just can't hold back anymore.

So here goes...I will try to include everything...

 The incident:

On March 24th I took my '99 Porsche 911 to Martin Tire on the Westside for a 4-wheel alignment.  I was interested in getting my car setup to GT3 street spec.  The alignment guy there, Brian, came with very high recommendation by the local Porsche wrench so naturally I trusted him and Martin tire in general...you know...since I am leaving a pretty important job up to them.  Brian turns out to be a really fantastic guy, he listened to my concerns regarding the car's setup, what I use it for, etc.  He grabbed my keys and got started right away, while a co-worker picked me up.  Brian said it would be about two hours and I wasn't interested in hovering over them while they did the work.

So...three hours passes and still no phone call, so I call them and they say "oh yeah it is out front and ready to go!"  "Cool!" I replied...excited to hop in the car and feel the difference, my buddy took me back down there to pick it up.  So I go inside and without asking anything, they grabbed the paperwork and started to pull up my receipt for the work.  

Then the manager approaches me and says: "you know what, Brian was really embarrassed about this, but there was damage done to your car, but it is just a really small ding on the end of the door."

"What kind of damage, what happened?" I asked.

He then described that the door was left open and the car started to roll off of the lift, so the door got a small ding.  I said "oh really?" thinking that they were pranking me..so he assured me and took me outside to show me the small ding:

Yeah so who here thinks this is a small ding?  Anyway, they offered to get it fixed, and I kept my cool, told Brian that sh!t happens and I wasn't mad, jsut wanted to get it fixed.  So they send me to JH Body Shop on Mesa, tell me to talk to Jesse.  They asked me to take the car straight there, and so I did.  As soon as I arrive (because I literally took it straight there) Jesse left to lunch (thanks!) but the owner was present and came out to look at the damage.  I told him what the manager at Martin Tire said happened, and was quick to offer a professional opinion.  After closely examining the damage and pointing out several other points of damage caused by it, he basically described this:

The door lip was hit so hard that it folded in on top of the weatherstripping (damn!), which showed visible damage.  Then they evidently used pliers to pull it back out, and he showed me the teeth marks from the pliers.  Then the used some sort of pry instrument to even it out with the rear fender, but ended up denting the rear fender, and scratching it right above the wheel as well.  Once they thought they had it done, the applied black paint to it, in an attempt to cover it up.  This was told to me by a gentlemen that has over 15 years of experience in bodywork.  He then said things like "paint the whole door" and "bondo" and so I left.

I promptly called the owner and found that the incident was never reported back to headquarters.  the owner was very cool and lax and put me on hold to find the number to his insurance company (Hanover)....instead the phone was picked up by some sort of administrative professional that refused to give me any insurance information, instead wanting to speak with her manager first about the incident before believing a paying customer....yes, I was still charged $74.99.  So I never spoke to the owner again since he avoided me like the plague, much like the insurance company and the local insurance company that the claim is being processed through (Dominguez Insurance, a Farmer's Ins salesperson).

So, two days passes and Martin Tire calls me stating that they refuse to fix anything but the ding.  I replied "it isn't just a ding, and you aren't putting bondo on my door or getting some local ain't shop to try to match the black on my car."  So she argues with me, stating that I am not the only one in town with a Porsche and she is sure that many others get bodywork done in town, to which I retorted "yeah I know there are alot of other Porsches in town, there are over 83 and none of them get bodywork done in town...how do I know this? i am the secretary for the local chapter of the Porsche Club of America!"  Which this pretty much shut her up and she filed the claim with Martin Tire's insurance.

Nope, no over yet....I hear nothing from the insurance company and so I decided to pay the main office of Martin Tire a visit.  I show up and ask them to come out to look at the damage they did to my car...you know since it was a small ding and only myself, the bodyshop, and the other store has seen it.  She promtply refuses until I get distraught and loud about it when she finally gives in and sends the manager out with me.  And so his first reaction was colorful to say the least.  I asked him "does this look like a small ding" to which he replied "hell no"

A week passes and I hear nothing from Ray Dominguez (Farmer's Insurance), so I call again...guess what, all calls go to his voicemail and unless I sounded pissed he wasn't returning calls.  He finally does and says that someone from Hanover will be in touch.  Okay whatever, another week goes by and Hanover calls to say an adjuster is coming out.  The adjuster came, looked at the damage, took some pictures and left, nice guy btw. 

Anyway, another week goes by and I get a call from Enterprise rent-a-car saying that my rental is ready for pickup.  "What the hell are you talking about?" I asked him, "Hanover insurance reserved a premium vehicle for you while your car is repaired." he replies.  So I started to tell him about how I have not seen an adjustment or heard from an insurance company in over a week and am not ready to pick up a rental because my car was clearly not going to a bodyshop anytime soon, since it has to go to Phoenix to be repaired by a certified Porsche bodyshop.

So I call hanover - voicemail

Then I call Dominguez - voicemail

I call hanover again - voicemail

Honestly, I thank God that I do not buy insurance from either of these companies.

So it has been about a month since the damage was done to my car...and it still looks the same...so I hate Martin Tire for putting me off and lying...I hate Hanover for being unorganized and having ill-advised agents, and I hate Dominguez insurance because they honestly should answer a phone instead of transferring to voicemail as regular practice.

That's my story, hope you enjoyed it, and beware of the above companies!

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